Current Celebrity Infatuation

Soooo, I can't get enough of this dude. Seriously. He plays Eric Northman in True Blood (Bradford and I are all up on this show --- we can't get enough). The villainous Eric, my Current Celebrity Infatuation (CCI), is the vampire sheriff of Bon Temps, La., and he's rude, crude . . . and quite frankly, I like it. And anyone who knows me KNOWS I prefer a dark-haired, dark-eyed guy any day. Which is why when I first said something to Bradford about how the sight of him makes my knees tremble, he was a little confused . . . and a little annoyed, for that matter. And rightly so. When we're watching the show and Eric comes onscreen, I immediately start fidgeting. I sit up a little straighter in bed. And without thinking, I'm all like, "Look how tall he is!" or "Monkey, seriously! He's got to be what? 7'2"? He's so tall!" Yep. Way to figuratively gut punch your boyfriend, Amy. Your dear boyfriend, who, bless him, is pushing 5'7".

Ladies, if you're with a vertically-challenged man, the number one rule is to NEVER talk about height. It's a huge self-esteem downer, and I know better. And no
matter how much you say, "I don't love you because of your height!" it doesn't matter. It's a big ol' deal to them.

So now, I can never talk about Alexander Skarsgar
d again . . . to Bradford, anyway.

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