Weekend Highlights

I had a great time in Charleston this weekend, minus having a forced conversation Friday night with Thomas' mother. (I really wanted to stay in the car, but didn't want to be a complete heifer). She met us in Columbia to take Thomas for the weekend, and as we were talking, she (very out of the blue) said, "You guys are such a great little makeshift family!" W. T. F.?!?!?! She's so freakin' clueless. Don't even get me started.

Bradford has my laptop, so I'll have to post some Labor Day photos at the end of the week. But here are some highlights:

1. Took some photos with the Polaroid, yay! (Coincidentally, I found this, so if you're a Polaroid film user, get on this action).
2. Had great coffee and bagels at Charleston Bagel Company, where we sat outside, read magazines and enjoyed the breeze.
3. Saw 500 Days of Summer (I've been waiting and waiting and waiting to see this). Loved every minute of it.
4. Drank a couple of pints and ate crab chowder at a proper Irish pub called Madra Rua. Did not think I would enjoy this experience at first, but it grew on me, and I had a really good time. It's definitely not a "Hey, let's bring our wives and girlfriends to watch the game!" kind of pub, though.
5. Walked along the shore at Sullivan's Beach for a good two hours. Talked about life, our future, Thomas, school, dance, my bad eyesight . . . everything. It was my favorite part of the weekend.

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