Our wedding photogs

From the get-go, B and I decided that the most important thing to us regarding the wedding was the photography. Basically, we want awesome pictures to show for our awesome event. So I mentioned Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks to Bradford pretty early on. I met Kendrick while working at MCG (or GHSU, whatever) when she came on campus for a story. She was working at The Augusta Chronicle, and since I was reporter there once upon a time, we had stuff to chat about. Not only is she just a really cool person in general, I think her photography is amazing. She and her boyfriend David work for Our Labor of Love in ATL and are both photographing Wedding 11.12.11. Yay! 

I looked into their packages and compared theirs to other local photographers because that's what you do. It's all about justification. I have to be able to go to Mom and Pops and say, alright, listen. This is their price. These are the prices of Charleston photogs. See? Not that big of a difference. AND! I'm getting DOS photographers. Bam! 

So there you have it. One more major thing to check off my wedding list. 

Image via Kendrick's FB page


Lone duck

You can barely make him out, but he's there swimming in front of the fountain. It was cooler today and mostly cloudy, but at around 2:30 p.m., the sun peaked through the clouds, and I just had to get outside. 
Shot with Polaroid 600 Instant Color Film


Porch loungin'

Out on my porch, inhaling all the pollen.
Shot with Polaroid 600 Instant Color Film



Today I'm trekking around Mt. Pleasant and Charleston in search for a job, any job. And by any, I mean, I'll serve as many Number 1s at Chik-fil-A as I need to in order to bring home at least some bacon. It's been almost a year since my last full-time job. A year. I keep thinking about how crazy that is . . . that someone who has had a career for nearly nine years can't find a single job in her field. Nuts. 

I'll be honest with myself, I've been putting off applying to businesses like Office Depot (they're definitely hiring), Publix and Chik-fil-A not because I think I'm too good to work there, but because I'm terrified that I'll never be able to find a job in my field again. My friend's sister told me not that long ago that her friend who moved to Charleston 18 months ago just had to move back to Augusta because she couldn't find a job. Ummmm, scary! 

So I'm doing it. I'm throwing myself out there to anyone willing to take me. And I've decided to give myself one full year of not working in my field before I go back to school. And! I would like to take this opportunity to tell anyone out there who's thinking about moving to a different city before landing a job: DON'T DO IT. It's the toughest situation (financially and emotionally) I've ever been in . . . and it puts a mean hurtin' on a relationship too.

Wish me luck. 


Beautiful inspo

I'm loving this inspiration board from yes, please. I love the color combos and the flowers, although I'm pretty sure I want dahlias and peonies. And I'm diggin' the geometrical shapes . . . doesn't really fit my theme, but I like 'em.

 Image via yes, please


Hair jealousy.

Have you ever had a hankering to dye your hair a color so far from what Nature intended that your THIS CLOSE to making an emergency phone call to your stylist . . . even if you don't have the loot to back it? Yeah, me too. I have no idea why, but in the last month or so, I've been dying to dye and/or cut my hair. Is it because of all the change happening? Why do people do that? It seems hair is the first thing people want to change when they're going through . . . well, a change. 

If I had the balls (maybe I'll get some after 11.12.11), I'd totally do something similar to the magic that is The Sounds' lead singer Maja Ivarsson's hair. I love the subtlety of the front colors. And I love the sounds of The Sounds even more.

Maja's the new face of Sebastian products, and from what I read, she keeps her color going with their new shampoo and conditioner collection called Color Ignite. Check it.

 Images via here


Decorating is the best part!

This part. This part right here is probably my favorite part of planning my wedding. I know there are so many things you should take care of before you get to this part, but I can't help it. My wheels have been a' turnin' about ways to save on decorations for 11.12.11. My grandmother had much of the glassware and kitchenware featured on Antiquaria (where all that beauty in the pic above came from), so I'm hoping my pops will let me borrow some for the wedding. And! They have a gift registry too. 

All images via 100 Layer Cake


A real cool surprise.

Here's one of the many things that's great about my fiance. When I mention something I want, he usually tucks that little nugget of info away and surprises me with whatever I wanted. He didn't really "surprise" me with these per se . . . he just paid real close attention to me today when I was talking about what I'd posted to my blog earlier. And then he said, "Oh Monkey, that's right. Usually when you tell me about something you want, I try and surprise you, but I've been so busy with school that it slipped my mind." So then we walked right on over to Half-Moon Outfitters and got 'em. I feel so much better now. And so lucky. 

I want what I can't have . . . right now, anyway.

You know when you get in the mood to buy a specific something? Well that something for me is shoes. I've been scouring the nets for shoes I'm dying to buy. Right. Now. Of course, we all know I can't. Oh, but one day (please Lord, let one day be real, real soon).

And check out this vintage Vogue photo. Makes me wish for summer even more. 

Image via Glamour Daze


Our caterer

One of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding is figuring out how you're going to fork up the moola to pay for it. Let's face it. B and I are nowhere near being in a position to pay for our November shindig. I mean, we're definitely paying for some, but a Charleston wedding is about the most expensive wedding you can have. Things we should have thoroughly thought about beforehand . . . sigh. 

Enter, the parents. Mine have hearts the size of watermelons bursting with juicy love and would give you the shirts off their backs. But in all truth, their wallets and pocketbooks do not overfloweth. B's parents, however, sport heavier, more substantial purses. And lawd a' mercy, we are THANKFUL because we couldn't do this without them. 

We sat down with all four sets of parents and talked about where we needed the most help, who could pitch in where, etc. We've finally got all that figured out and were able to book our caterer this week. 

Enter, Three Little Birds. This tiny restaurant sits in James Island and has the most delicious breakfast food I've ever put in my mouth. We met with the manager, Meredith, several weeks ago and she worked up a quote for us. Remember two posts ago when I said that caterers bank? Y'all. I seriously blinked several times and had to remember to breathe upon getting this quote. I could not. Believe. My. Eyes. After I recovered, I started researching other caterers and got some extremely helpful advice from a wedding coordinator I met through a friend. Shockingly, the quote was common for Charleston. At that moment, I decided I should have gone to culinary school and opened my own restaurant . . . not majored in English and pursue writing. Anyway.

B knew from the beginning he wanted TLB to cater, and after the tasting, we were sold. Our menu is nothin' fancy. We've got some Southern flare to it, which I wanted. All in all, we're pumped. Deciding on a caterer kinda' made me think, oh crap. This is for real. This is all happening . . . sweet!

Image via here

See? Tiny.

When it rains, it pours.

Jobs. That's what has been on my brain for a good while now. Everyone in my life knows this. Recently, I interviewed with a dental practice for a PR coordinator position. I instantly loved the office atmosphere --- how everything was laid out, the happiness of the employees, etc. I found out about this gig through a girl on B's co-ed soccer team. Her roommate works there now and recently went part-time. They need another part-timer to come in a pick up the slack. I met with her a couple of weeks ago, and instantly liked her. Plus, she said the position has great potential to go full-time, so of course, I became even more interested. 

I had my first interview with the first dentist on Monday, and I'm going in today for my second interview with the other dentist. I'm nervous, but feeling confident.

My problem? I applied for a recruiter position at a college that shall remain nameless. It was an intense interview process, and it happened back in November. By Christmas (after much anticipation) I was told they were under a hiring freeze and had no positions available. Naturally, I was bummed. I'd seen light at the end of a very long, jobless tunnel. It was a letdown, to say the least. 

On Tuesday, though, the director called to ask if I was still interested. I said yes, of course. But I was also very upfront with him and told him I was in the process of interviewing with the dental practice. I even told him that I started teaching dance at a studio that I'd been trying to get into since the summer. I mentioned that I was a bit concerned about that, as I know my dance hours would conflict with the school's hours. Their hours are, well, crazy. And they require each employee to work one Saturday a month in addition to every open house. The open houses are on Saturdays. During the interview process, they were very firm about how every employee is mandated to work these open houses, saying, "We tell people to plan everything, including their weddings, around these open houses." Huh? Really? You have a ton of people in your office, and you need everyone there for every one? Apparently, they do. So when I mentioned my concern, I got silence. Just . . . nothing. He then asked again, "So are you still interested in the position?" Ummmm, yes, but I would've appreciated a "We'll cross that bridge when we get there" or "I'm sure we can rearrange your hours" or "We'll work out something." But I got nada.

So, I'm feeling hesitant, and now that he knows I'm interviewing for this other position, he has been quickly trying to offer me something. I guess to get to me first? I assume so. Here's the thing. I've never not accepted a job, and that's what I'm most nervous about. And keep in mind. This is only assuming I get the PR coordinator job. I'm wishing, hoping and praying I do. And I'm wishing, hoping and praying that when I go in there today, they'll say, "You're hired! Can you start on Monday?" To which I will leap into their arms, kiss their cheeks and squeal, "YESSSSSS!" 

I just keep thinking about what my friend, Jenny, said: "It's not a bad position to be in." And she's right. I've waited so long (almost a year) to have a job, and now, I could possibly be offered two. Funny how that works. 

It's true. When it rains, it pours. Wish me luck!