Girl, what's that smell?!

Last night was a stressful one. The Augusta competition is fast upon us, and my Augusta dancers are in Panic Mode (and me too, for that matter) as we prepare. I'm the only one who teaches all 20 of them on Tuesday nights from 6-9 p.m., so it can be quite chaotic. I have to teach and answer questions from parents and answer the phone and . . . you get the picture. Alyssa, a senior dancer at the North Augusta studio, has been helping me, thank the good Lord! But even with her helping me last night, it was stressful times 100. There's so much to do!

ANYWAY. On the way home, I stopped by the grocery store (I've been living off Ramen noodles and packaged tuna for 'bout two weeks. No lie.) I couldn't decide which shampoo to buy, and of course, I had to sniff each one I picked up. Well, when I took a whiff of an Herbal Essences flavor, some shot out of the bottle and landed on the top of my hand. Now when I say, "some," I mean a big glob. I looked around for something to wipe my hand on, and nada. Great. So . . . I did the next best thing and just kinda' rubbed all over my hands, like it was lotion. During checkout, the young lady behind the counter said, "Goodness! What fragrance are you wearing? It smells so good! Is it perfume or lotion?" I just stared at her for a good 10 seconds, eyes wide, mouth slightly open. Is she serious, I thought. Finally, I muttered, "Um. It's lotion." (I couldn't very well tell her it was, in fact, shampoo.) That wasn't the end of it. She WANTED to know where she could get some. "Where'd you get it from cause I'm gonna' have to get some," she asked. Again, a 10-second pause. "Um. I think . . . I got it . . . somewhere overseas. I can't remember . . . um. I think it's a raspberry scent or something." OK, why did I take it in that direction? Overseas? WTH? Finally, she let it go, though. "Oh. Yeah, it does smell like raspberries." I laughed all the way to my car.

I guess this experience taught me that, in a pinch, shampoo can substitute as lotion . . . and no one will ever know the difference.

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