Tea canisters from Asia Tides.

Buttery yellow cotton bedding from Blanc Des Vosges.

Pearl and grey outdoor lounge chair by

Upholstery fabric, “Foret,” based on a watercolor by French designer Philippe David for 6 Mandel.



I am digging everything from http://www.kittinhawk.com/ right now. I. Love. It. All. Especially the jewelry.

One more day before B comes home. I can't wait.




I love the cut of this dress. I don't love the price: $210. Yowza'!
I love this tank too!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sad news

Prof. Randy Pausch, author of the 'Last Lecture' chronicling his battle with pancreatic cancer, dies at 47


Watch this exclusive with Diane Sawyer. If his last lecture doesn't inspire you in some way, something is wrong with you. You can access the full lecture on abc.com. Check it.


A little macaque nestles its head on a pigeon that responds peacefully on Neilingding Island, China. Three months ago, the macaque was born on the island, but strayed from its mother. Luckily, it was taken in by work staff in the protective station and made the acquaintance of the pigeon. More than 2,000 macaques live on the island.

Me me me

I'm super unmotivated at work today. I would rather browse the Net all day long and post pretty things. Ugh.


Warm and fuzzy

I am so emotional today. I'm PMSing bad. I just want to go home and sleep.

I'm in the mood to help. Maybe I'll buy some necklaces from here http://www.theuapo.org/projects/akola.php to help widows from Uganda's Buwala village.



I love all of this. Looking at these makes me sad. Last night, Bradford and I went to the Bee's Knees for an early dinner. When we got to his house and got out of the car, we heard this really loud animal scream. It was obvious it was some kind of animal in pain. I couldn't see anything, but Bradford saw a black cat running across the yard, and he said, "That cat has a mouse in its mouth!" I was like, "Oh my god, is that what that noise was?" So, I got in my car to go home, and as I was driving down the road, I looked over into this yard, and I saw the cat, and it didn't have a mouse . . . it had a baby bird!!! I just got so pissed at this cat --- even though I know the cat is just being a cat and it attacking a bird is all part of nature --- so I jumped out of my car and schooed the cat away. And the baby bird couldn't fly because its wing was wounded, so it just hopped around, chirping and scared to death.

Anyway, long story, but it's been on my mind since last night. I knew there wasn't anything I could do. I couldn't touch the bird, and I knew that the cat would just wait until I was gone and continue doing what it was doing before . . . being a cat.



Look at this!!!!!! I want to try it. May have to make a trip!

Makin' it work!

This is cool. I like how http://www.body.com.au/index_landing.php combines exercise and day-to-day. I just wish I could afford the clothes! Some of them aren't too bad though . . .



Ollie & Nic

I need a new umbrella like I need a hole in my head, but I really like this one.

And I'm in love with this color green. Everything I've been shopping for has been in green or yellow.

*I'm so glad the weekend is here.



I like this a lot. I don't have enough light-colored things. My closet is full of dark!


Scrubs and vacation

I want this. I love anything with tea tree oil in it.
I'm in Florida until Monday. I'm having a good time just relaxing and not being on a schedule. I think we're going to the beach today, and hopefully, the salty air will help clear up the patch of breakouts on my chin! Why, why, why am I still getting zits?


Coming up

jan & aya out of Brooklyn.
More stuff coming soon.



I've been hearing good things about this. I love my MJ Blush Fefa gave me so much, and I don't want to purchase this if I'm not finished with my other. I'll have to give it time.

I'm trying this out . . . I don't know if I'll keep it, but I like reading them. Since I have a ton of work to do, though, I'll have to tend to this later.