Sing it, Will Smith . . . "Summertime."

I'm so ready for a vacation. And yes, I know I live in a vacation spot, but I'm ready to hop on a plane, head to Maine and eat lobster. We just set the dates for our trip. We're leaving July 2 (or 3rd, haven't decided) and returning July 10. This is perfect since Bradford doesn't start summer classes until that next week. And since the dates are (mostly) set, all I can think about are new outfits, shoes and makeup to bring with me.

And look at this gem! Bradford's mom bought me one for Christmas,and I can't stop using it. I absolutely love it, and it's the most durable bag I've ever had. It's definitely coming with me to Maine (and everywhere else). How cool is it that they're made from sails?! Check Sea Bags, stat.

I'm in major need of new nail polish too. My O.P.I. collection needs a little pick-me-up with brighter, summer colors. I like these.

Shorts Story
In My Back Pocket
Need Sunglasses?


Stripes or patterns . . . or nada?

We recently bought this small bistro set from Lowe's, which is perfect for our tiny porch. I wasn't totally crazy about it, but it was on sale, and we wanted something fast (I believe we're both impulse shoppers . . . not such a good thing.) Now, I'm on a hunt to find the perfect outdoor pillows.

The problem is, our porch is somewhat of a hodge podge of mismatched flower pots (I've got an elephant ear plant in a deep red pot and a Christmas cactus in a pale yellow pot). Sure, I could repot them, but I don't want to mess with them since they're doing so well. We have a white, elegant three-tier planter my mom bought years ago at a flea market. She gave it to me a couple of years ago to brighten up my then-barren apartment. I love it, don't get me wrong . . . it just doesn't really "go" anywhere. I'm hoping to fill it up with plants (violets on top; larger plants on the second and third tiers), so maybe I'll love it more then.

We also bought a tan rug with a black border from Wal-Mart. It doesn't cover the entire porch, and that bothers me. Bradford likes it the way it is . . . but I don't. Maybe when we get more plants, it won't be as noticeable.

So, on to pillows. Should I get something like this that incorporates all colors? Or, should I go with a pattern? What do you think?


Baby Price

Just wanted to congratulate my Gina Collete and Bill on the birth of their son, Price Robertson Prouty. I'm so excited for them as they begin their new adventure . . . makes me want to start one of my own! (But not too soon!)


Just when you think he isn't listening . . .

Last night, I found myself in an awkward/"oh crap!"/shameful situation. I called up my best friend, Toni, to wish her a happy birthday, and then launched into a full-on, 30-minute vent session about my other best friend, my boyfriend. I was out on our porch. He was inside on his computer working on school stuff. I proceeded to vent about everything that had been bothering me in the last couple of days . . . normal relationship chit-chat most girls talk about with their girlfriends. About halfway through, he popped out on the porch and said, "Could you take the BLANK conversation somewhere else because I can hear every BLANK word you're saying." Oops. Obviously didn't mean for that to happen. I sheepishly said, "Oh, O.K." and went outside to my car . . . of course, I didn't have anything else to vent, so there was no point, but I still marched my loud mouth outside.

So ladies, keep it to a whisper. You never know what he'll hear. And you never know how he'll react.