I did it again . . .

Guys, it happened to me again. I went to update my blog about three weeks ago, and my computer decided it wasn't time, I guess, because it froze and erased my entire post. And it was long and detailed. So, true to form, I was so pissed that I decided to not post for fear that it would happen again. I'm taking my chances today because I'm ready to talk about my wedding. (I'm trying really hard to have the Bride Gene, people. I feel like I don't have it, and it just feels wrong.)

B and I have our venue locked down. We're having the ceremony and reception at The Island House. Check it. It's gorgeous out there. We're still trying to lock down a caterer, and let me tell you. Caterers bank. I mean, they charge for every napkin and plastic cup used, so they should bank. As for all the other things you have to have to get married, we're still trying to figure out who's helping us pay for what. It's tough, but we're grateful that we even have help. 

As for my dress and the bridemaids' dresses, I still haven't decided. I love peacock blue and this pink. I thought Navy would look good with the peacock blue, with pink as an accent, but now I'm not so sure. I was thinking a navy dress with a peacock blue sash, but I'm pretty sure I'm going to wear a ribbon, and I don't think it'll look good for all of us to wear a ribbon. So now I'm thinking a solid-colored dress with peacock blue shoes? That was Stacy's (my SIL) suggestion. Cute, huh? 

Ugh. I feel silly for even thinking about this, but I guess that's part of it, right? So stay tuned!