Sad news

Prof. Randy Pausch, author of the 'Last Lecture' chronicling his battle with pancreatic cancer, dies at 47


Watch this exclusive with Diane Sawyer. If his last lecture doesn't inspire you in some way, something is wrong with you. You can access the full lecture on abc.com. Check it.


A little macaque nestles its head on a pigeon that responds peacefully on Neilingding Island, China. Three months ago, the macaque was born on the island, but strayed from its mother. Luckily, it was taken in by work staff in the protective station and made the acquaintance of the pigeon. More than 2,000 macaques live on the island.

Me me me

I'm super unmotivated at work today. I would rather browse the Net all day long and post pretty things. Ugh.