Officially, I'm obsessed with finding jackets and blazers for fall. This new obsession heightened this morning when I stepped onto my front porch on my way to work. The air was brisk, a little chilly, and I got goose bumps. I love that feeling --- ahhhhh, the first hint of fall! So, in my spare time (ahem), I've been browsing for the perfect fall jacket and blazer. I've had my eye on this J Crew piece I blogged about last week, and I just scoped these pretties from GAP. *Sigh* One. More. Day. Until. Payday. (Not that I could afford either, but . . . one day.)


layersofmeaning said...

I want a black leather jacket too!
Brad got me one from old navy several years ago (brown) & I love it!!! I hope they have some this year, they were really affodable

Audrey Amy said...

I never think of ON when I think of leather, but I remember you telling me your got yours from there. I'll have to scope them out because I CANNOT afford $298! :)