No sleep and MTV

OK, so I haven't been sleeping well. At all. Last night was another instance. I finally dozed off at around 3 a.m. this morning, which means I got a whopping four hours of sleep. Puffy eyes? Yes. I tried to blame it on the fact that I stayed awake until 2 a.m. watching the MTV VMAs rerun. But no . . . I would have done that anyway. Finally, I realized that I'm just a big ol' chicken. Every little noise in my house scares me . . . even when I know where it's coming from (like my washing machine or dishwasher or some other noisy appliance). What's wrong with me? Last night (well, this morning) I could have sworn someone was in my house. And it didn't help that my cat, Raisin, had her big ears in Alert Mode and even propped up into a sitting position (in case she needed to attack? IDK.) So here I am in bed . . . paralyzed (because you always are in these situations) and trying to think of what I would do if someone was in my house. Crawl under the bed? Naw, tight squeeze. Jump into the closet and hide myself behind the rack of clothes? But then what to do with Raisin? She'll just meow at the closet door until the burglar figures out I'm in there. Jeeeeeez. You see what I mean? I'm a chicken. Thank goodness B and T are coming home this weekend!

Now I've got to switch topics and talk about the VMAs for a minute. Did you see Pink's performance? Holy. Crap. It was so freakin' awesome and gave me goose bumps the whole time. Girl's got major talent.
Here 'tis. Oh, and BIG thumbs down to Kanye for what he did to Taylor Swift. Uh-uh.

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