Thank you for your purchase.

I just bought this table from Target. I can't wait to get chairs. I found some at IKEA I really like, but they're a $100 a pop. Not likely I'll get them. We need shelves, a bookshelf, desk, TV stand and chairs. Hopefully, we'll be able to get all of that this weekend.

I like this TV stand, but it's almost $500. I'll have to scale down a bit.



Check it. I love this site. I work with Kendrick sometimes. She's a photographer with The Augusta Chronicle. I love their photos, and I'd love for them to shoot something for me someday. Someday!


Wants and needs . . .

I want this so bad . . . but I can't justify spending $250 to buy it!

I've been eyeing these for a while now.

I love these pants from Rag & Bone. I'd love to wear these to work or just to lounge around my house!