When you're dating/in a relationship with/engaged/married to an artist, decorating your home can be tricky. I want things one way; he wants them another. He sees one color on a wall; I see another not even close to the one he likes. It can be infuriating as hell, but love means compromise, right? Right?!

The same can be said about furniture. Case in point: his butterfly chair. I'm sure he's had it for decades, but I've hated it since Day One. I've always felt like it belongs with some struggling college freshman in a dorm somewhere. I've even tried to get rid of it, but he refuses to budge. So we decided to compromise. I'm going to spray paint it a light aqua and buy this chair cover from UO to replace the ratty, blue jean one it's sporting. We bought this comforter from Target, so we're trying to incorporate more aqua/turquoise in the room. I want a pillow for the chair too, so I've been scouting for one.

There's this quilted one from UO
This pleated one from CB2
A square pillow from Target
And this cascade pleat one from Macy's (the one behind the first, darker pillow)

What do you think?


World Record

It's been 22 days since my last post, and that's a record, friends. I've been so busy quitting my job, moving to Charleston, unpacking boxes and organizing our apartment that I haven't even stopped to check my favorite blogs. Charleston is awesome, with one exception. It's really, really hard to find stores (well, in Mt. Pleasant anyway). I know this is common in beach towns, but does Target really need to be hidden deep in the woods? I'm not kidding. It took me 20 minutes to find it yesterday. And that's how it is with every store. The signs can't be taller than the tree line, which I know is for the greater good, but it's driving me nuts. Other than still being jobless, that's my biggest complaint.

Now, about our apartment. We still have lots to get: a floor lamp, a chest of drawers, two night stands, art for above the bed, etc. And then there's what to do with stuff we have, like, my Audrey Hepburn photo. I've had that photo for years (since freshman year of college), and I can't give it up. I just can't. I love her and it too much to give it the boot. But Bradford is giving me the ol' "It doesn't go in any room of the apartment" bit, which is a polite way of saying, "I don't really like the picture; get rid of it." What should I do? We're having the same battle with one of his photos. It's a gigantic photo from the movie Metropolis. I mean, look at it. What am I supposed to do with that? He wanted to put it next to "his" desk (he's taken over our desk, and now I don't have any space to put my stuff) which is in our bedroom. I had a fit and totally vetoed it. Now it's sitting against our dining room wall, along with our other hangless art. I'll keep you posted.


Boyz II Men, you got it right when you sang, "It's so hard . . . to say goodbye . . . to yesterday . . ."

Only two more days at MCG. Only one more night teaching at the studio. I opened my FB this morning to a message titled, Rhythm & Class Says Goodbye to Miss Amy, and spent a solid five minutes trying to swallow the lump in throat. I'm not good with goodbyes. Tonight's farewell shindig at the studio just might send me over the Emotional Edge I've been teetering on for weeks now. I'll let you know.

Thing is, I'm not good with drastic change, even though I've craved it for much of my life. I always imagined a world outside of Georgia, but always fell a little too short when it came to "getting out." And man, talk about a double-edged sword because once leaving became a reality, all I wanted to do was stay in the comfort of my own state. I think that's natural. Bradford keeps telling me, "It's OK to be scared of uprooting." That makes me feel better.

On the flip, I'm excited about moving and living with Bradford again and putting our apartment together. My mom and dad (pause for reaction) are helping me move on the 10th, so I'm going to put my pops to work with some carpenterish stuff around the apartment. He likes feeling needed, and I'm trying to do a better job of "needing him." He and B can go to town hanging pictures, mirrors and fixing our sliding doors.

And Pops? Thanks for capturing these awesome moments. Wow.