Chucktown, USA

In just a handful of days, my love and his son will be living in Charleston. I'm so proud of Bradford for finally pursuing one of his passions (he'll be studying graphic design at the Art Institute of Charleston). He's excited as can be, and in the spirit of it all, he brought home the latest issue of Charleston magazine last night for me to peruse. I haven't opened it yet. In fact, I kind of turned my nose up at it when I saw it on the table . . . I guess I do have strong feelings about him leaving, no?
While I'm sincerely happy for him, I'm also incredibly sad, anxious and nervous that he and T are leaving. Sure, I'll have more time to myself and to hang out with my friends and fam, which I'm undoubtedly ecstatic about. I REALLY AM! But there's nothing like crawling into bed at night after about 12 hours of working and snuggling up next to my man. (Pops, I hope you're not reading this!) I've always been pretty possessive of our time . . . especially since we both work during the day and coach soccer/teach dance at night. So once we get the little guy tucked in, we crawl into bed and talk about our day, watch a movie or make each other laugh. It's QT, for sure.

Now I know I'm making it sound like he's moving thousands of miles away. I know I'll see him . . . often, hopefully. And HOPEFULLY, I'll be able to join them here in November, maybe sooner if I get a sweet gig I can't resist. But in th
e meantime, I'm gonna' need one of my amigas to sleep over from time to time and snuggle with me. Any takers? Anyone?

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