"We Are Family . . ."

An e-mail I received yesterday from my sister-in-law, Kay, made me realize that now, more than ever, is I've-Got-to-Spend-More-Time-With-My-Family Time. She had no idea B and T were moving to Charleston or that I hope to move there in November. And to top all that, I haven't seen her or my brother or my nieces and nephew (I'm not counting the brief encounter I had with my niece, Kelsea, at Barberito's a couple of weeks ago) since Memorial Day. That was back in May, people. That's bad. Oh, and did I mention they only live about 10 miles from mi casa? That's right - all the more reason we should get together more often.

So I've got to make it happen. Kay suggested having a slumber party at my house . . . I'm going to take her up on it! An all-girls slumber party sans boys (sorry brother and nephew!) is in the works. And in the spirit of family, here are a few photos of mine.
My niece, Kelsea, and me
My niece, Emma, with my sister, Beth
My SIL, Kay, and Kelsea
My nieces, Lily and AbbeyHmm . . . I think this is circa '92 or '93 of me and my baby brother, Josh? Not sure of the year, but you can see how much love we had for one another! (Check out the elbow he's throwin' into my ribs).
Bradford, Thomas and my nephew, CodyScooby Snack sittin' on Mema's lapMy SIL, Stacy, me and MemaWow, my Pops looks pretty fly in his white V-neck tee and gray corduroy pants! And me? I guess I had a thing for The Flintstones.

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