Channeling the Girl in the Green Scarf, Rebecca Bloomwood . . . well, kinda'

Pretty often, I feel (and act) like Rebecca Bloomwood in Confessions of a Shopaholic (p.s., if you haven't seen it, rent it today. I went with Fefa to see it at the movies, and I loved it). Now, I'm not saying I'm thousands and thousands of dollars in debt like Rebecca was (I sho' don't make enough money and am terrified of credit cards, even though I have one. JUST one, though!), and I'm not even saying I shop all the time (when in the hell do I have time between my J-O-B and co-running a dance studio?), or that I have to buy something I see in a window every time the mannequins in it come to life and lure me into the store (BTW, if this does happen to you, go on ahead and make an appointment to see a therapist).

But when the end/first of the month arrives (a.k.a., paycheck time), I can't help but shop. It's a force greater than me . . . a force I can't control (just ask my co-worker, Paula). Buying something right when I get paid totally makes me feel better. I literally breathe a sigh of relief after I click the "Submit" button at the end of the ordering process. And it doesn't have to be clothes or shoes . . . it could be sheets for the bed. Mascara. Gifts for my peeps (love shopping for my boyfriend and friends). Anything - it doesn't matter. I shop mostly online, and I usually browse the same sites to get my fix. One of my all-time favorites is UO. Don't mock - I love it.

And this week, they're having a $9.99 and under sale. Say WHAAAAT?! Heavens! Please know that yesterday I took full advantage of this awesomeness. I
did practice restraint, though, (it was tough, I tell you!) and only bought a few things. I didn't tell Paula until today . . . I was afraid she would scold me, which I need(ed). I'm pretty sure this is just one more piece of evidence that I have a problem.

Goody Bag
(Note: the skirt isn't $9.99 or under, but I couldn't resist it. See?)

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Paula said...

I'm just trying to look out for ya boo! :)