Our wedding photogs

From the get-go, B and I decided that the most important thing to us regarding the wedding was the photography. Basically, we want awesome pictures to show for our awesome event. So I mentioned Kendrick Brinson and David Walter Banks to Bradford pretty early on. I met Kendrick while working at MCG (or GHSU, whatever) when she came on campus for a story. She was working at The Augusta Chronicle, and since I was reporter there once upon a time, we had stuff to chat about. Not only is she just a really cool person in general, I think her photography is amazing. She and her boyfriend David work for Our Labor of Love in ATL and are both photographing Wedding 11.12.11. Yay! 

I looked into their packages and compared theirs to other local photographers because that's what you do. It's all about justification. I have to be able to go to Mom and Pops and say, alright, listen. This is their price. These are the prices of Charleston photogs. See? Not that big of a difference. AND! I'm getting DOS photographers. Bam! 

So there you have it. One more major thing to check off my wedding list. 

Image via Kendrick's FB page

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