When it rains, it pours.

Jobs. That's what has been on my brain for a good while now. Everyone in my life knows this. Recently, I interviewed with a dental practice for a PR coordinator position. I instantly loved the office atmosphere --- how everything was laid out, the happiness of the employees, etc. I found out about this gig through a girl on B's co-ed soccer team. Her roommate works there now and recently went part-time. They need another part-timer to come in a pick up the slack. I met with her a couple of weeks ago, and instantly liked her. Plus, she said the position has great potential to go full-time, so of course, I became even more interested. 

I had my first interview with the first dentist on Monday, and I'm going in today for my second interview with the other dentist. I'm nervous, but feeling confident.

My problem? I applied for a recruiter position at a college that shall remain nameless. It was an intense interview process, and it happened back in November. By Christmas (after much anticipation) I was told they were under a hiring freeze and had no positions available. Naturally, I was bummed. I'd seen light at the end of a very long, jobless tunnel. It was a letdown, to say the least. 

On Tuesday, though, the director called to ask if I was still interested. I said yes, of course. But I was also very upfront with him and told him I was in the process of interviewing with the dental practice. I even told him that I started teaching dance at a studio that I'd been trying to get into since the summer. I mentioned that I was a bit concerned about that, as I know my dance hours would conflict with the school's hours. Their hours are, well, crazy. And they require each employee to work one Saturday a month in addition to every open house. The open houses are on Saturdays. During the interview process, they were very firm about how every employee is mandated to work these open houses, saying, "We tell people to plan everything, including their weddings, around these open houses." Huh? Really? You have a ton of people in your office, and you need everyone there for every one? Apparently, they do. So when I mentioned my concern, I got silence. Just . . . nothing. He then asked again, "So are you still interested in the position?" Ummmm, yes, but I would've appreciated a "We'll cross that bridge when we get there" or "I'm sure we can rearrange your hours" or "We'll work out something." But I got nada.

So, I'm feeling hesitant, and now that he knows I'm interviewing for this other position, he has been quickly trying to offer me something. I guess to get to me first? I assume so. Here's the thing. I've never not accepted a job, and that's what I'm most nervous about. And keep in mind. This is only assuming I get the PR coordinator job. I'm wishing, hoping and praying I do. And I'm wishing, hoping and praying that when I go in there today, they'll say, "You're hired! Can you start on Monday?" To which I will leap into their arms, kiss their cheeks and squeal, "YESSSSSS!" 

I just keep thinking about what my friend, Jenny, said: "It's not a bad position to be in." And she's right. I've waited so long (almost a year) to have a job, and now, I could possibly be offered two. Funny how that works. 

It's true. When it rains, it pours. Wish me luck! 

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