Band Beat

I'm in Piano Heaven right now. Growing up, my grandmother would make me play her organ after supper. It was easy enough to learn, especially since the sheet music had pictures of which fingers to put on the keys. I couldn't get it wrong if I tried. I mostly played hymns (I remember Holy, Holy, Holy and How Great Thou Art were my favorites). Honestly, I hated playing at first, probably because I was "told" to, but after I knew what I was doing, I loved it. There's something magical about playing an instrument . . . you can't believe you're making those sounds, and they're so pretty! 

My grandmother also had a piano that I would "pretend" to know how to play. That sheet music didn't have cheats on it, though, so I had no clue what I was doing. What I did learn how to do was play by ear. I would sing one of the hymns I learned on the organ out loud and then find the right keys on the piano. Pretty daunting, but I was kid who was bored at her grandmother's house. What else would I do?

Anyway! I found a pianist named Maxence Cyrin. He's incredible and plays a lot of covers. I just bought his Novo Piano album. One of my favorites is his cover of The Pixies' Where Is My Mind. Check it out below. He also has a cover of Arcade Fire's No Cars Go. Amazing!

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