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One of the most stressful parts of planning a wedding is figuring out how you're going to fork up the moola to pay for it. Let's face it. B and I are nowhere near being in a position to pay for our November shindig. I mean, we're definitely paying for some, but a Charleston wedding is about the most expensive wedding you can have. Things we should have thoroughly thought about beforehand . . . sigh. 

Enter, the parents. Mine have hearts the size of watermelons bursting with juicy love and would give you the shirts off their backs. But in all truth, their wallets and pocketbooks do not overfloweth. B's parents, however, sport heavier, more substantial purses. And lawd a' mercy, we are THANKFUL because we couldn't do this without them. 

We sat down with all four sets of parents and talked about where we needed the most help, who could pitch in where, etc. We've finally got all that figured out and were able to book our caterer this week. 

Enter, Three Little Birds. This tiny restaurant sits in James Island and has the most delicious breakfast food I've ever put in my mouth. We met with the manager, Meredith, several weeks ago and she worked up a quote for us. Remember two posts ago when I said that caterers bank? Y'all. I seriously blinked several times and had to remember to breathe upon getting this quote. I could not. Believe. My. Eyes. After I recovered, I started researching other caterers and got some extremely helpful advice from a wedding coordinator I met through a friend. Shockingly, the quote was common for Charleston. At that moment, I decided I should have gone to culinary school and opened my own restaurant . . . not majored in English and pursue writing. Anyway.

B knew from the beginning he wanted TLB to cater, and after the tasting, we were sold. Our menu is nothin' fancy. We've got some Southern flare to it, which I wanted. All in all, we're pumped. Deciding on a caterer kinda' made me think, oh crap. This is for real. This is all happening . . . sweet!

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See? Tiny.

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