Hair jealousy.

Have you ever had a hankering to dye your hair a color so far from what Nature intended that your THIS CLOSE to making an emergency phone call to your stylist . . . even if you don't have the loot to back it? Yeah, me too. I have no idea why, but in the last month or so, I've been dying to dye and/or cut my hair. Is it because of all the change happening? Why do people do that? It seems hair is the first thing people want to change when they're going through . . . well, a change. 

If I had the balls (maybe I'll get some after 11.12.11), I'd totally do something similar to the magic that is The Sounds' lead singer Maja Ivarsson's hair. I love the subtlety of the front colors. And I love the sounds of The Sounds even more.

Maja's the new face of Sebastian products, and from what I read, she keeps her color going with their new shampoo and conditioner collection called Color Ignite. Check it.

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