Is THIS what it feels like?

It finally happened on Friday, November 26. B proposed to me at the top of a mountain in McDowell, Virginia, with my grandmother's 65-year-old engagement ring. Although I was wearing a hunter's orange vest and matching beanie (I mean, it's huntin' season, y'all, and I'm not trying to get shot . . . because that happens. Alot.) I couldn't be happier. We both couldn't stop laughing before he actually asked me, which started to make me feel like a real asshole, but in hindsight, the whole experience was perfect. I loved each and every minute of it.

So now here comes the fun (fun?) part! The wedding planning! I'm excited about it, but equally stressed. I mean, I don't even know where to begin. That's where my BFFs who are already married come in! 

Now that I've helped Thomas get his big project finished for school (the damn thing was due today, thank goodness) I can focus. So now . . . what do I do?!

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Stacy said...

Let the planning begin!!!