Interview, done.

I had an interview this morning for an assistant director of admissions at the Art Institute. I was nervous as all get-out, but I feel better than ever. I don't want to jinx myself by having high hopes, but it was probably the best interview I've ever given. They've narrowed the pool down to five candidates, and they are going to hire two folks. I am praying I am one of the two. A lot of interviewees now are asking personality-based questions, and my last question this morning was, "Name the theme song of your life. What song do you march to?" Pretty tough one to answer, huh? 

I chose "Seasons of Love" from the musical, Rent. Guys, if you haven't seen this musical (and I'm not talking about the movie, although it was great as well) you must find a way to see it. It's soooo good and is definitely one of my favorites. This particular song talks about how people measure their lives. And much to my utter and complete happiness, the senior director LOVED my answer. Today is a good day. 

Here's the song --- both Broadway and movie versions. Many of the actors in the movie version were part of the original Broadway cast (like Taye Diggs, y'all). And if you want some background about the writer, Jonathan Larson, check this out. His journey in creating this is absolutely amazing. Prepare for goosebumps and enjoy.

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