A visit from a friend with no photos to show for it . . .

Toni visited me this past weekend, and it flew by way too fast . . . why does that happen every time? We spent most of Saturday eating and catching up and then went downtown that night. Downtown Charleston on a Friday or Saturday night can make you (and by you, I mean anyone over the age of say, 28) feel old. All the college freshmen girls clopping around King Street in their 4-inch heels and short skirts . . . with all the energy in the world. And then there we are, in flats, jeans and a comfortable sweater (because it was cold, y'all, and those days of wearing barely anything in 33-degree weather is over.) 

I had mixed emotions about the whole thing, honestly. Part of me longed for those days again, and the other part was grateful those days are over and almost proud to be where I am today. I tell you what. Thirty is flirty and fun, but it's also scary. A friend of mine sent me this article, and it nicely sums up how it feels to be 30.

Anyway. Toni and I went back downtown on Sunday, where the city closed a huge portion of King Street so restaurants could expand seating out into the street and stores could put displays out. It was really cool, and a nice surprise. 

All in all, we had a great time. Short, but great. This is the lone photo of us at a bar downtown called Closed For Business. 

This was taken with Toni's phone. I can't believe no one had a camera on them. My digital one broke almost a year ago, and we haven't been able to get a new one. All we have (and I'm not complaining because it's awesome) is B's Nikon 40D he had to get for school. Needless to say, we're not ever lugging it with us downtown on a Saturday night. 

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