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November is here already? Really. I can't believe how quickly it came --- it snuck right up on me. I mean, don't get me wrong. I'm glad it's here. It's my favorite month of the year . . . and I'm not just saying that because my birthday is tucked away in it. 

This year has been tough. Moving. Leaving my family and friends. Leaving my dance studio. Leaving everything behind. Annnnnd, still no luck on the job front (hopefully, that will change after Wednesday). 

As a result, I'm certain I've gained several new forehead wrinkles and more crow's feet, and my ego has taken a swift kick in the gut, but I'm still hopeful and excited about what's to come. Reading the blogs I follow rejuvenates me and helps in that, especially when I read a post I can relate to or watch a really cool video a husband made of his wife he adores, and I just melt. 

Sadly, I tend to go several days (even weeks sometimes) between readings. I have no excuse, other than that after scouring the Internet for hours at a time job hunting, I'm kinda' done with my laptop.

I keep telling myself that I need to buckle down and be better about reading blogs, and hell, even writing in mine. After all, if reading them and writing in mine make me feel better, why not? It's. Not. Rocket. Science.  

So here's a list of recent posts from a few blogs I follow, blogs that inspire me and make me happy. Maybe they'll do the same for you too. 

Friday's Post Is Full Of...Awkwardness from The Tightrope because the author, Mandi, and I lived in the same tiny town years ago, and I've totally had that same grocery store experience. Her blog is fantastically written and chock-full of hilarity, wit and honesty: a perfect reading recipe. Check it out.

Do What You Love - episode two: Cole from Pacing the Panic Room. Guys, there aren't enough words to express how much I love this blog. B jokingly said I liked it because he thought I was in love with the creator, Ryan. I told him that I wasn't in love with Ryan; I was in love with how much he loves his wife, Cole. I can't get over it. It's ridiculously sappy, over-the-top love, and he's not afraid to blog about it. I love it. But there's soooo much more to his blog than his undying love of his wife, and if you haven't bookmarked it already, do so immediately.

Loving from Layers of Meaning because if you want to look at beautiful photos and creations with inspiration out the bamboozle, this is the blog for you. (And I'm not just typing this because LOM's founder, Fe, is one of my best friends). Her blog is full of fantastic design and fashion stimuli, super-interesting series, gorgeous photos, Etsy finds and more.

I wouldn't date me. FACT. from Chelsea Talks Smack. This feisty blogger is fierce. Girl does not mince words one bit . . . hence her name. And that's why I love reading her smack so much. She puts it all out there, but she doesn't wrap it up in a pretty little package like a lot of people. She's human; honest and vulnerable. She makes mistakes, and she lets you know about them. But she throws her fears and questions back on her audience, opening up her world to them and allowing them to share their experiences with her. So everyone is growing and learning together. Definitely worth reading.

currently snacking on...from oh joy! eats is completely and utterly wonderful if you love food like I love food (especially sweets, like this baby apple pie) but completely and utterly awful if you're on a diet . . . and I mean that in the best sense. I've been on both ends, and when I'm trying to eat "clean," I try to steer clear of Joy's delectable sweets. Easy to do since her blog consists of much more than photos of food. She writes about food and art, the latest (and coolest) kitchen and food accessories, restaurants and recipes. And Joy's not just about food. She has a fabulous design blog too.

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