Va Va Voom

Don't you hate it when you type an entire post only to have it DISAPPEAR RIGHT BEFORE YOUR VERY EYES? Yeah, me too. I'm not going to try and retype it because I can't remember everything I said, and quite frankly, I'm too pissed that I lost my original post. 

The topic was about the recent promo pics of the Miss Universe contestants. It was top news this morning on abcnews.com. The world is wondering if they're too scandalous. The photos, not the contestants. Although . . . 

Anyway! Even ol' Mr. Trump thinks they're "pretty wild." To me, sure, the ladies look like they're posing for lingerie ads, but is that bad? I mean, haven't times changed enough that this is allowed? Or is it still a no-no in the pageant world? What do you think?

Renee Mokihana Nobriga, Miss Hawaii

Ashley Bickford, Miss Connecticut
Kristina Primavera, Miss Rhode Island

Chenoa Greene, Miss New Jersey
Images via here  

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