Feeling the pain . . .

Yesterday was the first time I've exercised in about three weeks, so naturally, I can barely move today. I (against the doctor's orders) taught for a few hours at a dance camp, and although I'm feeling the pain today, it was so worth it. Immobility for three weeks for me is a big, big deal (it's the longest I've gone without exercising or dancing), and I'd forgotten how much I like teaching.

Beyonce's Sweet Dreams was my song choice for the group's hip-hop routine. Yes, I know the song is soooo 2008, but I had to pick something that wasn't jam-packed with sexual innuendos and cuss words. Now I know Beyonce is rockin' some innuendos in this song as well, but it's not as obvious, especially when you're just hearing the song. The video on the other hand . . . I mean, she's not called Sasha Fierce for nothing. Girl friend can pop and lock and gyrate (or as Urban Dictionary spells it: jirate) like no other.  

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