On a recent jobless afternoon, I went to CVS and bought Nylon's recipe for Chanel's Nouvelle Vague (I told you I was going to) and here's the result. What do you think? Probably should've spent a little time on my cuticles, but eh. I wanted to test the color pronto, o.k. cuticles? You'll get proper treatment next time. 

In other news, I think Bradford and I found "our spot." You know that place you like to go and have "you time" or just chill out with a friend or a boyfriend or girlfriend? It's usually a coffee shop or a bookstore. Ours (I say ours because friends of ours introduced us) is a coffee shop downtown called Kudu. It's perfect. Quaint, nice setup, tasty coffee (and beer!) 

Although, I have to vent. Bradford (who, if you don't know or haven't met him, is a charmer) offered up his iPod to one of the buristas. He put on The Temper Trap (a band I introduced him to) and totally didn't give me any cred . . . he just chatted up the burista about the band as if he discovered them himself and gave birth to them. Butthead! Yes, it was petty for me to get miffed about it, but he could've at least not done that in front of me. Right?! 

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