It's good to recreate.

Among the many things I got from my grandma's house were several old, old paintings in ornate, wooden frames. Some circular, some rectangular and some square. A few of the paintings will have to be taken to Salvation Army . . . I just can't have them. Dislike. The others, though, are very pretty and are staying put.

So this weekend, while B and I are painting Thomas' furniture (finally!) I'm going to paint the frames. I went with Paula to Hobby Lobby on our lunch break and bought some paint, so I think I'm set. Woo!

I can't wait for the weekend to get here . . . just three and a half hours. B and I will be taking it fairly easy. Aside from painting, we're going to walk the bridge, walk the beach, window shop downtown and visit one of B's high school friends (doesn't sound like a "fairly easy" weekend, I know.)

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