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Yesterday was a disaster for me, and Band Beat suffered for it. I've gotten quite addicted to posting Band Beats every Wednesday, so I actually felt bad that it didn't get posted yesterday. Alas, here it is! And I want to wish Boo a very, very, very HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Image via here

Image via here

Zach Braff (yep, you read that right) turned me on to Rachael Yamagata a couple of years ago. He wrote pretty highly of her music in some article, so I decided to check her out. She was born in Virginia, and according to Wikipedia, she's a Yonsei (fourth-generation Japanese American.) And that right there explains her incredible beauty! Neat, huh?

Her rich, deep voice is perfect, especially when I'm feeling depressed. I've been hitting repeat on Elephants, the first track on her two-part Elephants . . . Teeth Sinking Into Heart. Check it out!

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