That's the Spirit!

Quite frankly, November gets the shaft. It's no secret with holiday decorations already on display around town and all. And since UO's holiday spirit has been flooding my email like crazy, I thought I'd flood my blog with all their Christmas cuteness (sorry November. You will always be my favorite month!)

Just look at these beauts!!! I love decorating for Christmas, but I've never had much of a collection . . . just an artificial, $17 tree I scored at Wal-Mart my first (or second) year of college and gifts from peeps and fam over the years. This year, Christmas decorating will be tricky. I'll be living with my moms to save money before I move, and she'll deck her whole house out (like, no joke, we're talking Christmas villages, random lights strewn about and Christmas plates, glasses and napkins galore) herself, so I won't have to stress about that. But I want Thomas and Bradford to have a little Christmas decor in our apartment, even though I won't be living there (yet), and even though my little Christmas collection will be wrapped up for the move. A Charlie Brown Christmas Tree it is then!

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