Birthday surprises and dark chocolate brownies

Last night, some of my family and friends surprised me with a birthday day dinner (thank you for organizing it, SIL!) It was so sweet and unexpected! I love surprises, so it was awesome. I got lots of sweet gifts and a cake that had a chocolate and vanilla checkered pattern on the inside. Neat!

Today, my former boss made dark chocolate brownies (um, holy yum. If you haven't gotten in on that action, go bake some pronto.) Boo, my other co-worker, Jennifer, and Toni got me a paisley purple-y scarf and a $25 iTunes card. Thas' what I'm talkin' about!

My love's coming into town tomorrow night, and I think we're going to hit Stillwater downtown. There isn't much else going on (there's a metal show at Sky City, which I absolutely have no desire to attend, and there's something called Pop Life at Soul Bar??? I have no idea what that means so I might have to check it out just out of curiosity alone.) I'm hoping GSS can come together again and rattle the town just a little (I'm 30 now, so I can't shake things up too much like I used to.)

Sure wish my cold would go on ahead and kick the bucket. Ugh, it's draggin' me down!
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