Current Celebrity Infatuation

Image via GQ magazine

Guys, you just don't even know. I have been lusting after James Franco like no other (not even Alexander Skarsgaard . . . I know. Crazy.) I've never really appreciated his beauty until I saw him in Milk (p.s., if you haven't seen this, you need to asap.) I didn't think much of him in Spider Man, and he didn't really do it for me in Pineapple Exp
ress. But Milk? Wowza'! And there's nothing like a hot actor who can actually . . . act. There are plenty of supa' fine celebrities in Hollywood, but only a a few are talented. He is def one of them. He's my CCI for a reason . . . therefore, I had to post more photos of his hotness. And below is the Milk trailer. Enjoy!

All images via BlackBook magazine

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