Time hasn't been on my side . . . but I promise I haven't been lazy.

You'd think I'd be doing a better job of updating PE, what with no job and all, but I've been pretty busy. And by busy, I mean that in a typical day, I clean, play with Thomas, search for jobs, clean, do laundry, play with Thomas, search for jobs . . . clean. You get the picture. I'm hoping to find some sort of rhythm so I can post at least one thing every day, even if that means staying up an extra 30 minutes each night. And that's exactly what I'm doing tonight --- staying up to post about a hodge podge of upcoming things/events I'm pumped about.

This movie, opening June 30. Don't front, it's going to be good.

This other movie, opening July 16. I love Leonardo.

This badass band, The Sounds (which reminds me. I'll be resuming Band Beat soon.)
Check them out. Here's No One Sleeps When I'm Awake:

My sister's visit to Charleston, complete with her favorite band playing a show at
The Windjammer on Isle of Palms.

Our trip to Maine, where the weather is cooler, the air is better and the lobster is tastier.
Can't wait to enjoy all that.

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