I'll keep trying!

OK, so apparently I'm not going to update my blog daily. I'll keep trying though. Promise. This weekend was jam-packed with dance practice Friday night, more dance practice Saturday morning followed by a two and a half-hour dance recital (oh, my legs? Shot.) So worth it though.

I'm definitely feeling the consequences of not dancing at least four nights a week. But I have to give myself props. I'm staying involved with R&C as much as humanly possible (well, as much as my credit card will allow me to fill up my car to drive back and forth. Sorry for all the miles, Civic.) And Mamie is doing a standup job of keeping me informed about upcoming events (i.e. a dance workshop in Columbia next Thursday, which I'm attending free of charge. Score.)

And I came across this gem. It's my new favorite blog. Not only is Heather Armstrong an amazing photog (how absolutely precious are her children, Leta and Marlo, and her dogs?) she's also a fantastic writer. Love every bit of it.

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