Just when you think he isn't listening . . .

Last night, I found myself in an awkward/"oh crap!"/shameful situation. I called up my best friend, Toni, to wish her a happy birthday, and then launched into a full-on, 30-minute vent session about my other best friend, my boyfriend. I was out on our porch. He was inside on his computer working on school stuff. I proceeded to vent about everything that had been bothering me in the last couple of days . . . normal relationship chit-chat most girls talk about with their girlfriends. About halfway through, he popped out on the porch and said, "Could you take the BLANK conversation somewhere else because I can hear every BLANK word you're saying." Oops. Obviously didn't mean for that to happen. I sheepishly said, "Oh, O.K." and went outside to my car . . . of course, I didn't have anything else to vent, so there was no point, but I still marched my loud mouth outside.

So ladies, keep it to a whisper. You never know what he'll hear. And you never know how he'll react.

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