Stripes or patterns . . . or nada?

We recently bought this small bistro set from Lowe's, which is perfect for our tiny porch. I wasn't totally crazy about it, but it was on sale, and we wanted something fast (I believe we're both impulse shoppers . . . not such a good thing.) Now, I'm on a hunt to find the perfect outdoor pillows.

The problem is, our porch is somewhat of a hodge podge of mismatched flower pots (I've got an elephant ear plant in a deep red pot and a Christmas cactus in a pale yellow pot). Sure, I could repot them, but I don't want to mess with them since they're doing so well. We have a white, elegant three-tier planter my mom bought years ago at a flea market. She gave it to me a couple of years ago to brighten up my then-barren apartment. I love it, don't get me wrong . . . it just doesn't really "go" anywhere. I'm hoping to fill it up with plants (violets on top; larger plants on the second and third tiers), so maybe I'll love it more then.

We also bought a tan rug with a black border from Wal-Mart. It doesn't cover the entire porch, and that bothers me. Bradford likes it the way it is . . . but I don't. Maybe when we get more plants, it won't be as noticeable.

So, on to pillows. Should I get something like this that incorporates all colors? Or, should I go with a pattern? What do you think?

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