When you're dating/in a relationship with/engaged/married to an artist, decorating your home can be tricky. I want things one way; he wants them another. He sees one color on a wall; I see another not even close to the one he likes. It can be infuriating as hell, but love means compromise, right? Right?!

The same can be said about furniture. Case in point: his butterfly chair. I'm sure he's had it for decades, but I've hated it since Day One. I've always felt like it belongs with some struggling college freshman in a dorm somewhere. I've even tried to get rid of it, but he refuses to budge. So we decided to compromise. I'm going to spray paint it a light aqua and buy this chair cover from UO to replace the ratty, blue jean one it's sporting. We bought this comforter from Target, so we're trying to incorporate more aqua/turquoise in the room. I want a pillow for the chair too, so I've been scouting for one.

There's this quilted one from UO
This pleated one from CB2
A square pillow from Target
And this cascade pleat one from Macy's (the one behind the first, darker pillow)

What do you think?


Steve/Circa50 said...

Hi Audrey. Take a look at our selections... check out the images from the Parker Palm Springs, Elle Decor, and others and you'll start to love his butterfly chair. I promise. http://www.circa50.com/butterflychairs.html

Audrey Amy said...

Thanks for the link, Steve! It will definitely come in handy. I love the brown leather cover. And I looked at Parker Palm Springs' photo tour, and man, those butterfly chairs around the fire pit? Brilliant!