Sing it, Will Smith . . . "Summertime."

I'm so ready for a vacation. And yes, I know I live in a vacation spot, but I'm ready to hop on a plane, head to Maine and eat lobster. We just set the dates for our trip. We're leaving July 2 (or 3rd, haven't decided) and returning July 10. This is perfect since Bradford doesn't start summer classes until that next week. And since the dates are (mostly) set, all I can think about are new outfits, shoes and makeup to bring with me.

And look at this gem! Bradford's mom bought me one for Christmas,and I can't stop using it. I absolutely love it, and it's the most durable bag I've ever had. It's definitely coming with me to Maine (and everywhere else). How cool is it that they're made from sails?! Check Sea Bags, stat.

I'm in major need of new nail polish too. My O.P.I. collection needs a little pick-me-up with brighter, summer colors. I like these.

Shorts Story
In My Back Pocket
Need Sunglasses?

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