World Record

It's been 22 days since my last post, and that's a record, friends. I've been so busy quitting my job, moving to Charleston, unpacking boxes and organizing our apartment that I haven't even stopped to check my favorite blogs. Charleston is awesome, with one exception. It's really, really hard to find stores (well, in Mt. Pleasant anyway). I know this is common in beach towns, but does Target really need to be hidden deep in the woods? I'm not kidding. It took me 20 minutes to find it yesterday. And that's how it is with every store. The signs can't be taller than the tree line, which I know is for the greater good, but it's driving me nuts. Other than still being jobless, that's my biggest complaint.

Now, about our apartment. We still have lots to get: a floor lamp, a chest of drawers, two night stands, art for above the bed, etc. And then there's what to do with stuff we have, like, my Audrey Hepburn photo. I've had that photo for years (since freshman year of college), and I can't give it up. I just can't. I love her and it too much to give it the boot. But Bradford is giving me the ol' "It doesn't go in any room of the apartment" bit, which is a polite way of saying, "I don't really like the picture; get rid of it." What should I do? We're having the same battle with one of his photos. It's a gigantic photo from the movie Metropolis. I mean, look at it. What am I supposed to do with that? He wanted to put it next to "his" desk (he's taken over our desk, and now I don't have any space to put my stuff) which is in our bedroom. I had a fit and totally vetoed it. Now it's sitting against our dining room wall, along with our other hangless art. I'll keep you posted.

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Paula said...

Oh no boo, that picture does not belong in a couple's bedroom. You were right to throw a fit! Glad you finally blogged!