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Who else is in love with Michael C. Hall? M'kay, me too. I started crushing on him years ago when he was rockin' it as an uptight, gay funeral home director in Six Feet Under, but not because of his looks. I had a crush on his talent, y'all. He's seriously got it. 

So when Dexter started in 2006, I knew I'd love it . . . except for that I couldn't watch it because we haven't had cable in 759 years. Long time, I know. Instead, I had to hear how awesome it was from every single one of my friends. 

BUT THEN! That awesome Netflix upgrade has allowed us to watch Seasons 1 and 2, and we borrowed Season 3 from a friend and are now on the fourth episode. We're progressing nicely and are trying our hardest not to read any spoilers (except, wait. I totally found out something that happens in Season 4, and I'm bummed. Bradford has made me promise not to tell him.)

Anyway. Is it just me, or has Michael C. Hall gotten cuter over the years? He's hot. I mean, there are times during Dexter when I'm all, Dude. Stop looking so evil. But then there are times (specifically at the end of the show's intro when he's putting on the white T-shirt . . . and anytime he wears his tight-fitted "killer" shirt) when I'm thinking, Thank you, thank you, thank you! Annnnnd, we'll pause it right there! 

It's not just his looks and incredible talent, though. It's also the fact that he's married to his co-star, Jennifer Carpenter, and you just KNOW they're a perfect match and are completely devoted to one another and will have the most incredible babies ever. They just emanate all that goodness. I have a major crush on their relationship. 

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Paula said...

I'm so glad you're finally watching Dexter! And yes, he's definitely gotten hotter over the years.