Thank you, Netflix!

I jumped on the Netflix Train when it first came out and signed up for the two movies a month for $4.99. At the time, I wasn't renting movies all that much because, well . . . I had cable (including HBO), so I was getting my movie fix that way. 

Since moving to Charleston, though, we haven't had cable because we're waiting for me to get a job (see Job Gods? All the more reason for me to get one). Needless to say, we've been renting movies out the bamboozle, which, at five bucks a pop, really adds up. 

So we decided to upgrade our Netflix plan to two movies a month PLUS unlimited streaming and online watching, which means we can watch all the movies we want via Thomas' PS3 and online! Snap!

The plan's only $8.99 a month and is totally worth it. I've watched quite a few movies online already (spare time, spare time).

Here are some I've watched:
This one is definitely worth renting. 

Guys, this is so old, but wasn't Lili Taylor so gorgeous?! 

I have mixed emotions about this one, but as far as independent films go, I think it's worth watching. 

Alright, so I watched this one because I recently saw Black Hawk Down for the first time and got into a discussion with B about whether or not it was Josh Hartnett's break-out role. He said his was from 40 Days and 40 Nights and I was curious. It's cheesy in all the right spots, but I laughed anyway. 

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