What's one more week, right?

Busy, busy week for me, guys. So much to do and think about. I haven't really opened up to many people about when I want to leave my job and move. The timing of it all is a fairly new development. I'm either going to put in my notice today or Monday . . . haven't decided. I would love for my last day to be Friday, April 2, and then have all of Spring Break week to prepare for my move and hang out with my fam and friends. (Yes, yes, I know I'll only be three hours away, but I've never lived in a different state/city before. It's a big deal.) But then maybe I should work that week to earn a little extra cash because the bottom line is . . . I haven't found a job yet. I apply to several almost daily, so I'm trying!

I've already told my dance people that my last week of teaching will be the week before Spring Break, so that is one less stress. Oh man, the pain and sadness I'm going to feel when I leave them, though, . . . I can't even think about it right now. Good news is that I'm still going to compete and perform with them as much as I can. I just can't imagine not dancing. And I'm hoping to find some opportunities in Charleston, too. In fact, I was thinking of opening a dance and fitness center that can be open to all forms of dance and fitness. (It would certainly help pay the rent, just sayin'.) What do you think?

I've been having the, "This is your life, don't worry about what other people think," talk with myself lately because for starters, my pops isn't going to be happy one damn bit about me moving without a job. No one bit. Of course, I have a feeling he wouldn't be happy either way. And I have a particular friend who often jumps into Mommy Mode and is pretty critical of the decisions I make. She'll definitely have some negative things to say. Knowing all this up front makes it a little easier, though. Just a little. Hopefully, I'll have full support from everyone because that's really what's most important to me.

OK, I'm done for now.

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everyBODYfitness said...

I think sometimes you've got to step with faith knowing you're doing what's best for you. No one knows what's best for you better than YOU.

Good luck with everything! Keep us posted.

Love ya!