Goodbye, mapquest.

We had some good times. Remember that trip to Fountain Inn with my BFF Toni, when you gave me not one, not two, but three different ways to get there? I thought that was mighty nice of you (a girl likes her choices, right?). Well, little did I know it was all a ruse and a 2 1/2-hour trip would turn into a 6-hour one. Gracias! Wasn't. Happy. At. All. But I forgave you . . . eventually. And now I have some sad news, for you, anyway. No longer will I have to type www.mapquest.com into my Web browser, click on "Directions," punch in an address that, inevitably, you won't recognize (get it together, will you?) and print out about six pages, four of which are usually completely useless.

I've moved on (I'm sorry, mq!) And up, for that matter.
Just got my first GPS (shout out, Pops!) I didn't ask for it. I never "ask" for anything, really. Here's how it all went down: ole' Pops didn't want to do anything on Father's Day. Instead, he wanted to have dinner at Miyabi's the next Wednesday. So of course I agreed to go. About halfway through the meal, I grabbed the server and gave him my credit card to pay for dinner (it was the right thing to do.) Well, Dad was mad. No, wait. Correction. He was pissed. Didn't really understand why (and I still don't). So as we're leaving, he said, "You really shouldn't have done that." I said, "Dad. It's your Father's Day present. It's all good." He replied with, "Well, I'm going to get you a GPS." I'm thinking, "WTH?! Where did that come from?" but actually said, "Um, dinner isn't really comparable to a GPS, Pops. Not dinner at Miyabi's, anyway." He didn't say a word. He just tapped his feet, propped his right wrist up on his waist and shook his head. Oh, Dad.

Naturally, I didn't think the man was serious. I've never said anything about a GPS to him (or anyone, I don't think.) Sure, I always wanted one and have admired my friend's Garmin for quite some time now. But I always assumed I'd be the last person on earth to get one (this is usually the case with me and any new technology.)

Unexpectedly after lunch today, Pops stopped by my office to give me one. How freakin' sweet is that? I must say, I got a little misty.

So I raise my tomtom to you, mapquest, and say, "It was nice knowin' ya'! Peace out! Now get your act together, please."

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