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Sister Crayon (cool name, right?) began as Terra Lopez's solo act. She said in a Bay Bridged interview that she spent the first two years making songs by herself in her bedroom. "I did my solo thing for two years and met Dani (from the band The Wishing Well) last year. She started playing drum machine for me. Genaro (keyboardist) just recently joined us. I like that Sister Crayon has developed into something bigger. I still am the only one who plays in the small recordings I make in my bedroom, but live the two of them play."

The Sacramento, Calif., group's sound has been compared to the likes of Bjork, Mazzy Star, Portishead and CocoRosie with elements of The Postal Service. Sounds brilliant just reading it, huh? I thought so. I especially love their tune Souls of Gold. Don't you want to get up and dance when you hear it?!

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