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One of the things I loved about Whip It was the soundtrack. Since I saw it, I've been researching the songs featured in the movie, and Apollo Sunshine's song, Breeze, was in there . . . somewhere (I only saw it once, OK?) Anyway, I think it's super pretty and soft, and sure, I think you've got to be in a chill mood to fully appreciate it . . . or maybe that's just me. Nonetheless, my mood must have appropriately "chill" when I heard it because I really, for realz liked it. Check it out below the album review!

Here's an album review of AS's Shall Noise Upon via Filter Magazine: With its almost biblical yet inexplicably dark title, Shall Noise Upon is indeed a wonderfully twisted dichotomy of good versus evil, light versus dark, harmonious versus dissonant. Released in a season when all of America’s caught up in Batman, this disc is a sonic superhero tale even though there’s no conceptual plot or protagonist. Just music. And some of the music comes as catchy Beatles-esque tunes (“Money”), while others are vignettes of pure sound (“Wolf Frog White”). But on the drop of a dime, the music—as well as the lyrics—can shift from stunning and uplifting (the instrumental and vaguely Flaming Lips-ish “Happiness”) to outright antagonistic (the hillbilly punk-rock of “Brotherhood of Death”). With Shall Noise Upon, Apollo Sunshine has finally created the audio beast we’ve been waiting for—a feast of emotions, sounds and additional weirdness.

The surface of streams
The fingers of trees

The sweet harmonies
The breeze and its lovers

Its hard to believe the wind
When it touches me

Isn't just the way that I long to touch you

The delicate petals

And all of the metals
The old and the hopeless
The young and inspired
The best and the worst times

The breeze is invited
That's just the way that I long to touch you

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