Almost there!

I've been incredibly busy with this move coming up. And work . . . oh work. I won't even go there. We got a lot of painting done this weekend, though. We were a little disappointed in the colors. I should have been more involved! Bradford picked them out about six months ago for his last apartment, but he never got around to painting it. Since we didn't want to waste the paint, we decided to use them for the house. But after we painted the living and dining rooms, we were pretty let down. But! Maybe after we get some furniture in there, we'll feel better!

We used Bay Fog for the living and dining rooms and Sensual Silver for the kitchen and underneath the chair rail in the dining room. The hallway is already a greeney sage color, so we painted the bathroom in California Avocado. It all sounds pretty disgusting, but it doesn't look that bad. The bedrooms were already painted by the landlord. I think she used an eggshell color. Anyway! I'm ready for the move to be over! I think I'm going to ask my boss for Friday off. With dancing every night and dinner with my estranged sister on Wednesday, there's no way I can be ready to move on Saturday.

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